Everest and other peaks climbing fees decrease by more than 50%

Nepal government has reduced climbing fees for the Mt. Everest and other mountains in the great Himalayas by more than 50 percent with the beginning of this new year.

“This new step is being made to increase the tourist flow for mountain climbing. We concluded that it was about time we cut prices to climb the greatest of mountains in the world.”

The new climbing fees have come into effect from the new year. The government had reduced climbing fees for the locals a year ago. After the recent tragedy in the Annapurna Region, mountaineers are bound to decrease. Critics say that this is indeed a good move to counter the inevitable.

Source: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/cc/Mnch_gokyolake1.JPG

Source: Wikimedia

From Jan 1, foreign climbers will have to pay USD 11 thousand per person for climbing Mt Mt. Everest/Sagarmatha via the namche route in the spring season in March, April and June. Earlier, the fees were more than double ($25 K) per person. Likewise, you can climb the tallest peak in the world via the same route in autumn season in the revised rate of $5,500 per climber where tourists had to pay $12,500 previously.

For other routes though, climbers will have to pay 10000 US dollars instead of the previous 15 thousand for a person.

Similarly, international and domestic tourists both will have to pay USD 1800 per person to climb other mountains above 8,000 meters. Permit for peaks between 7,500 meters to 7,999 has been fixed at $600 per person and permit for mountains between 7,000 meters to 7,499 meters has been fixed at $500.

Out of almost 1800 peaks in the country, only 326 are open for climbing and the country also proudly hosts 8 of the fourteen peaks above the 8000 meters height along with Mt. Everest.

Actor Shree Krishna Shrestha No more!

Popular actor Shree Krishna Shrestha has passed away last night at Apollo Hospital in New Delhi, India. He was undergoing treatment for pneumonia in the Delhi based hospital for past two weeks.

Having acted in more than hundred movies, Shree Krishna Shrestha is an extremely popular face of Nepali movies industry. He has spent more than two decades in the industry and given popular hit movies such as Afanta, Afno Manchhe, Eh Mero Hajur, Hami Tin Bhai among others. His latest Nepali movie Kohinoor, produced by the actor himself released in cinemas last Friday and is still running in cinemas all over Nepal.

Shree Krishna Shrestha and Sweta Khadka Kohinoor Movie

Shree Krishna Shrestha Sweta Khadka Kohinoor Movie New

Listen to the audio message sent by Shree Krishna few days ago from the hospital.

Shree Krishna Shrestha had recently tied nuptials with actress Sweta Khadka. Our condolences to the bereaved family and RIP Shree Krishna Shrestha – You will always be alive with your movies.

Shree Krishna Shrestha Sweta Khadka Marriage

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Teriya Magar from Nepal Wins Dance India Dance Lil Masters!

Yet again Nepalis all over the world have united to show their support for a Nepali participant in a reality show. Teriya Magar, an 11-year-old dancing talent from Nepal has won the popular Zee TV’s reality show DID L`il Masters Season 3. An extremely talented dancer Teriya was dubbed as dancing princess of Nepal and hugely supported with votes and messages of Nepalis following her performance and the show.

Teriya Magar Zee TV Finale Champion

Teriya walks away with KB3 Cup and Indian Rs.10 lakh being announced as a winner at the grand finale of the competition. Several Bollywood celebrities including actor Varun Dhawan who performed on the stage with his mega-hits from the movies attended the finale.

Teriya Magar Speaking at Zee TV

Teriya Magar ZEE TV promo

DID Lil Masters Season 3 Grand Finale Teriya Magar

Soon after winning the competition, Teriya updated her facebook status -“NEPALLLLLLLLL!!!! M Coming wid KB3 Cup. Thank all of you for your support…”

“I am extremely happy to win this trophy today. It is like a dream come true for me to perform on the stage of `DID L`il Masters` and emerge as a winner of Season 3. Masters and audiences have been really supportive and have appreciated my performances”,

she said in a statement to Zee TV.

View Images and Video of Teriya Magar winning Dance India Dance Lil Masters.

Rajesh Hamal Weds Madhu Bhattarai– Images and Video

Rajesh Hamal has finally married Madhu Bhattarai in presence of his close relatives at Dubarmarg-based Hotel Annapurna in Kathmandu today (Saturday). Although the media wasn’t initially allowed to capture the wedding, the couple allowed media to take some after wedding images at the ceremony.

The wedding has put an end to endless queries for Rajesh Hamal marriage from media considering him as the most eligible bachelor of the country. Hamal last week had introduced his girlfriend Madhu Bhattarai to the media organizing a press meet and had announced his official date of wedding.

Here’s some images of the much talked about wedding of Rajesh Hamal and his long time girlfriend Madhu Bhattarai.

Rajesh Hamal Madhu Bhattarai Marriage 2

Rajesh Hamal Madhu Bhattarai Marriage 2

Rajesh Hamal Madhu Bhattarai Marriage 4

Rajesh Hamal Madhu Bhattarai Marriage 5

Rajesh Hamal Madhu Bhattarai Marriage 6

Also watch the video of their wedding below from onlinekhabar.

Leave your comments below if any for the wedding.

Images via Dinesh Gole and video – OnlineKhabar

Nepal Airlines twin otter Plane crashes with 18 on board

And yet again, we have another plane crash! A Nepal Airlines Twin Otter plane with 18 passengers on board has crashed at Khidim of Arghakanchi district this afternoon. The search operations, on ground, have continued on the suspected site for hours now. Teams of Nepal Police, Nepal Army and Armed Police Force from Gulmi and Arghakhanchi are continuing with the search operations in the area.

The Jumla-bound twin otter lost its contact with control tower in Bhairahawa at around 1:13 pm. The plane had taken off from Pokhara airport at 12:43 pm.

The 18 passengers on board included a child, a foreign national and three-member crew.

Here’s the list of people on board along with the scan copy of passengers list.

Nepal airlines passenger list

Crew Members:
Captain Shankar Shrestha
Co-pilot Rabindra Banjara
Air Hostess Muna Maharjan.

Manab Sejuwal
Gauri Kathayat
Tek Bahadur Mahatara
Nanda Mahatara
D Mahatara
Barsha Hamal Neupane
Uma Tamang
Dr Bikalpa Polkahrel
DP Upadhyaya
Rajendra Prasad Devkota
Dipak Shrestha
D Shahi
R Chaulagain,
M Mathiesen (Danish national)

Due to poor visibility, the helicopters haven’t been able to land in the suspected crash site.

More updates to follow..

A sad incident indeed!

Top 10 Best Price Hotels in Nepal Awarded by TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor, a famous travel website, has published a list of Top 10 Best Price Hotels in Nepal. Recently, Nepal was listed among the Top 52 Places to Go in 2014 by New York Times. Also, in a list of TripAdvisor, the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu, was ranked third among the Top 10 Rising Travel Destinations in the World. With the rise in tourist destinations, the hotel industry of Nepal has been flourishing. Currently, there are 9 five star hotels, 4 four star hotels and 13 three star hotels in Nepal. There are also several resorts and other luxurious hotels providing exquisite services to domestic and foreign visitors in Nepal.

Among the numbers of best bargain hotels around the world, 10 hotels from Nepal have made their place in the list of TripAdvisor. The selected hotels have been awarded the ‘Travelers’ Choice Award for Best Bargain Hotels’ by TripAdvisor. Among the Top 10 Best Price Hotels in Nepal, five are listed from Kathmandu, four from Pokhara and one hotel has been listed from Sauraha in Chitwan. The award was distributed with reference from the reviews and ratings from the millions of tourists, who stayed at the hotels in last year.

TripAdvisor has been awarding the Travelers’ Choice Award to best hotels and cottages from around the world in six different categories. Hotels from Nepal have also been awarded with the Travelers’ Choice Award in two categories. Also, 25 different lodges from Nepal have been listed among the Best Small Hotels and Cottages. This year, 7123 different hotels from around the world have been awarded the Travelers’ Choice Award.

Here is the list of Top 10 Best Price Hotels in Nepal:

1. Trekkers’ Home, Chaksibari Marg, Kathmandu

Trekkers' Home

2. Backyard Hotel, Chibihal Street, Thamel, Kathmandu

Backyard Hotel Nepal

3. Sacred Valley Inn Pokhara, Lake Side, Pokhara

Sacred Valley Inn Pokhara, Lake Side, Pokhara

4. Hotel Silver Home, Thamel, Chibihal, Kathmandu

Hotel Silver Home Thamel

5. Hotel View Point, Gaurighat, Lake Side, Pokhara

Hotel View Point Pokhara

6. Hotel Travel-Inn, Lake Side, Pokhara

Hotel Travel Inn

7. Jungle Safari Lodge, Bachhauli, Sauraha

Jungle Safari Lodge, Bachhauli, Sauraha

8. Hotel Middle Path, Center Point, Lake Side, Pokhara

Hotel Middle Path

9. Hotel Family Home, Thamel, Kathmandu

Hotel Family Home Kathmandu Thamel

10. Hotel Encounter Nepal, Thamel North, City Center, Kathmandu

Encounter Nepal Hotel

Congratulations to the awarded hotels and thanks to TripAdvisor.

Nepal in New York Times List of Top 52 Places to Go in 2014

A New York Times list of Top 52 Places to go in 2014 has included the Himalayan Kingdom Nepal on 45th position. The popular newspaper calling Nepal as home to eight of the world’s 10 highest summits (including Everest) has included in its list with the image above.

You can explore the full list of places along with Nepal on the Newspaper’s page here.

Last month, another popular online travel website Tripadvisor had listed Nepal’s capital city Kathmandu in top rising travel destinations of the world.

Thank you NY Times!

Promotion for Heroic Police Officers of Bara Incident

Lately, there was an attention-grabbing news in media about two cops posting at Bara that caught two notorious Indian criminals named Bipin Yadav and Ravi Pandey keeping their life at stake. Despite being shot by the criminals and in bloodshed condition while chasing them, assistant sub-inspector Matrika Thakur and constable Sheikh Abajan didn’t let the criminals run away.

The cops were awarded amidst a program organized at the Police Headquarters today. Appreciating their bravery, Inspector General of Police, Umakant Aryal, promoted them on a higher rank. Valiant policemen Thakur and Abajan have been promoted to the rank of Sub-inspector of Police and Head Constable correspondingly.

Police Promoted for Bravery in Nepal

Policemen Thakur and Abajan were undergoing treatment at Police Hospital. Thakur was shot on his hip and hand, and Abajan was shot on his arm.

The criminals were trying to escape back India after they shot Aftab Ansari, who was an HGV entrepreneur. Ansari died during medication at National Medical College in Birgunj. Policemen Thakur and Abajan, equipped only with a rifle and a pistol, chased the criminals up to eight kilometers, where they arrested the criminals in Shripur of Pipariya. The criminals were Bipin Yadav from Lucknow and Ravi Pandey from Jodhpur of India, who were commissioned by Ballu Shrivastav, a notorious leader of underworld.

After an investigation, police has uncovered the fact that Ansari had mingled in business of fake Indian rupee with the notorious group.

The criminals were professional shooters armed with double guns. They entered Nepal in a motorbike with Indian number plate, and were trying to escape in a looted Nepali motorbike after committing the murder. Wounded ASI Thakur heroically seized a gun from Pandey while he was shooting at the policemen. Pandey was again trying to shoot Thakur with another gun, and there came Sheikh with bleeding arm, who charged Pandey with the butt of his rifle and got him under arrest finally. Another companion Yadav, fled away into a scrubland of sugarcane nearby during the struggle. Another squad of policemen later arrested him after a search of two hours.

Police Headquarters decided to honour the courageous attempt of Thakur and Abajan by promoting them to higher rank, who, despite of severe injury, put their life at risk and heroically arrested the villains. Speaker of Nepal Police Force, SSP Ganesh KC said that this very task will help to reinforce the mental spirit of the entire police force.

The bravery of Thakur and Abajan has proved the adroit capability and performance of Nepal Police even with the traditional and limited security resources.

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