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Sano Sansar Nepali Movie

Nepali movie industry is trying to expand its horizons. New actors, new directors, new movie formats and new movies are trying to upgrade the status of Nepali movies. Yes I am talking about recent and so called different Nepali movies. The Nepali movie industry is now buzzing with the release of Sano Sansar, the second Nepali digital movie to hit the screens. I too watched this movie a bit earlier and I think it is the second nepali movie I have ever watched in my life ever since I knew what movies are. I didn’t like the movie especially beacuse of unnatural actings of actors. However, this movie is certainly different from others but I think it is more different in terms of hype and the format.………….. I have talked much more about Nepali movies in my today’s (23rd September) article of THE KATHMANDU POST. Sano Sansar Nepali Movie

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By Pradeep Kumar Singh
(This article is published on 6th october ” THE KATHMANDU POST”. (

If you talk about the latest hyped Nepali movie the movie that immediately comes into your mind is Sano Sansar. This most talked about movie is certainly a new trend in Nepali movie industry. Sano Sansar is expected to be a landmark in Nepali digital movie industry. Another much talked about movie, Kagbeni, was certainly a pioneer in Nepali digital movie industry and now Sano Sansar has continued the trend. Kagbeni and Sano Sansar have fostered Nepali movie industry not only by introducing new trend but also by attracting more viewers who are into watching other language movies. Yet there are more complications with Nepali movies and still a lot has to be done.
Nepali movies are indubitably on their way to progress. Recent digital movies have proved that even Nepali movies can attract more viewers if the quality is improved and publicity is enhanced. However, there are lots of hurdles in making them successful. Most importantly, they lack originality. The content is often inspired or say copied from some popular English, Hindi or Korean movies. For instance, the latest movie, Sano Sansar, is inspired from the Korean movie My sassy girl.
Similarly, film-makers take Nepali movies as a risky job to generate profit and so they do not tend to spend a huge sum on their movies. There are very few movies that do well commercially. Producers claim that even much hyped Kagbeni did not do well commercially. Producing better quality movies and better publicity require huge money but Nepali producers are generally not accustomed to spending greater amount. Nevertheless, if Nepali movie market improves, producers could invest more money in upgrading the quality of their movies.
There are frequent disputes regarding the system and the theaters in Nepali film industry. Queue system practiced in Nepali film industry too caused a recent dispute. Such disputes, often related to system and monopoly of hall owners, do not help in the development of Nepali films. There should be a proper set of principles to govern the industry and that they should be regulated properly.
Moreover, Nepali film industry is occupied by the same old faces and so people often argue that there is nothing new in their movies. New faces should be introduced to attract more viewers. Movie actors and producers also need to be encouraged for producing better movies. Nepali movies, if targeted to every age group of viewers, can succeed in attracting more viewers. The content and quality should mainly be enriched to influence the viewers. In addition, popular Nepali theaters should support and give preference to Nepali movies.
Obviously, there is a long way to go but we can really be optimistic about Nepali movies. The trend of producing better movies has started. Let’s hope Nepali movies attract and influence more viewers and gain a good status. After all, which country could be the best market for Nepali movies other than Nepal?