10 Pratibha Shrestha

01 Prasmita Sharma

From: Sunsari
Age: 19 years
Height: 5’5’’
Education: BBA, 1st year
She is a fun loving person. For her, in life, happiness, peace and containment matters a lot. Devoted to work she has learned many lessons from life. She plays badminton, likes to ride bike and surf the net while chicken chilli is her favorite dish. Winner of Miss Purbanchal 2011 title and her will to reach higher goal has motivated her to participate in Miss Nepal Pageant. She also firmly believes in equality. Her ambition is to become a successful and influential woman and live a dignified life.

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

My favourite Miss Nepal
I like Malvika Subba for her personality. She is beautiful, charming and has kept herself busy by getting into so many activities.
My strength
My passion, enthusiasm, confidence, dedication, talent and positive attitude will help me win the title.
Most cliché answer
Most of the time when there is a question related to politics contestants give diplomatic answers.
I want to be Miss Nepal….
To become a Miss Nepal is my dream and winning the title will be a dream come true. It would open many doors for me to get involved in social work.

09 Shruti Pandey
11 Aruna Shrestha