Load Shedding Schedule Nepal

Load shedding Schedule – Nepal Electricity

Nepal Electricity Authority maintains a schedule for load shedding across Kathmandu and different parts of the country. The schedule is frequently updated and published by the electricity authority on its official website.

Latest Update: There’s currently no Load Shedding schedule published on the official NEA website.

You can find ways to view and download the Load Shedding Schedule, and get more information about the schedule on this page.

Latest Load shedding Schedule

Loadshedding-Nepali-Blogger-June-16You can also download the latest Load Shedding Schedule in pdf format.

Download Load Shedding Schedule in PDF

This is a new load shedding schedule effective from 7th June, 2016 (Jestha 25, 2073).


You can view all the timings on this page below.

Download Load Shedding Schedule App

Nepal Electricity authority has officially published an Android application, making it easier to track the schedule. You can install the official app from the NEA to get the schedule according to your area group.

Load Shedding App Google Play Official

Download Load Shedding Official App from Google Play Store

For complete details on the load shedding, please download the official schedule from Nepal Electricity authority website. This routine is officially published by the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) and Nepali Blogger takes no responsibility of any altered details. We try our best to update this page with the latest schedule.