Nepali Official holding hands of Wen Jiabao inappropriately!

Nepali Official holding hands of Wen Jiabao inappropriately

I hope I am not misguided with this single snap but what I see in the Image looks so inappropriate to me. In the image, a high rank Nepali Official is seen to be holding hands of Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao that looks so inappropriate to me. (Generally, they don’t hold hands of diplomats.)

In a similar context, here’s another image showing international diplomats respect towards Nepali high officials.

Indian Ambassador and American Ambassar to Nepal

Seen towards the left in the Image is Indian Ambassador with Nepali Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai and towards the right is American Ambassador with finance Minister Barsaman Pun.

The only thing I want to ask is; why can’t we behold ourselves high?


  1. BRB has given some hope in nepali oiiltpcs n time is still not so ripe to start his criticisms. it doesn’t feel good to read this article .not only because it potrays negative shades of baburam but also becoz some characters are forcibly introduced as cameo eg gagan thapa why such preference wagle ji? it is more supposed to be article about baburam n yes! people have different faces .they change with time, their opinion changes .n it’s not a big deal (he had waged a 10 year long violence, isn’t that greater than ur petty issues??) . it doesnt really matter as long as one is honest. look at urself .if u r a baburam fan, what motivates you to find so many faults within him? double faced, yeah?????????

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