Looking to write or contribute to Nepali Blogger? You have come to the right place.

To build Nepali Blogger as a community of Nepali Bloggers, we always focus on growing our community through intensive user involvement. We want to give our readers the opportunity to get published and put forward their own views and ideas to our audience.

So, one additional step to just reading blogs and adding comments can be directly writing for the blog.

Writing for Nepali Blogger is not only a great way of exposure but also a great help to the active community. By writing for the community, you are helping us improve and make a change.

Want to contribute? Here are the guidelines for the process.

Guest Posting Guidelines:

We hate spam as much as you do and we seriously respect other’s work and copyrights.

So, the content you produce and want to publish should be your original work and must not be published to any other site. And once it is on NepaliBlogger, it should remain exclusive to our website.

Posts should make references to original work used in the content, if any. Images and videos are preferred to use with the content. Please make sure any image that you use is either Free Stock Photo, or provide proper credits to the author and source.

Make the content more interesting and interactive. Ask for comments and opinions in every post, and respond with gratitude, respect, and authenticity so that Users will be more engaged.


We reward our contributors with a link back to their sites or blogs at the end of the each published article on Nepali Blogger. We will also mention them in our editors and contributors page.

Before you submit:

It’s optional but preferred that you are registered with our site. This way you can have control over your short bio which appears below your post. For registration please go to our Users Registration Link. (we will create you an account manually, once approved to publish regularly.)


Please Contact us now if you want to contribute to Nepali Blogger.