Evana Manandhar is Miss Nepal 2015


Evana Manandhar is Miss Nepal 2015. She was been crowned Miss Nepal 2015 in the Grand Finale of the Miss Nepal pageant held this evening at the Hotel Annapurna in Kathmandu. 19 participants were selected for this year for the 20th edition of the beauty pageant. A panel judges including Shristi Shrestha, Navaraj Dhakal, Dr Nirmala KC, Dr Nischal Pandey, Liza Dali Manandhar and

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Miss Nepal 2015 Live


Miss Nepal 2015 is here and we bring you all the live updates from the beauty pageant. Miss Nepal 2015 is taking place at Hotel Annapurna (Durbar Marg) starting at 7:15 pm. Bookmark this page and stay tuned to get the Miss Nepal 2015 Live updates. Live Miss Nepal 2015 Tweets Thank you for staying with use for live updates. Please find the

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Know more about 19 contestants of Miss Nepal 2015


Miss Nepal 2015 is finally here! 19 contestants are selected this year to compete in the 20th edition of the pageant. The grand finale of the pageant will take place on 17th April, 2015, at Hotel Annapurna in Durbarmarg, Kathmandu. One of these 19 contestants will be crowned Miss Nepal 2015 who will then represent Nepal in Miss World 2015. Here are

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7 Myths About Traveling to Nepal Busted!


Have you ever wondered what you should know while traveling to Nepal? Have you searched the internet and found lots of bad stuff about Nepal? I have busted seven of those top myths about traveling to Nepal in this post! 1. Nepal’s roads are all crap! I would say that is true but it actually isn’t. Not now anyway. The rapid expansion of

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Latest Jaalma Resham Filili Movie Dance Cover is a Must Watch!


The latest dance cover for Jaalma song (from Resham Filili Movie) is spreading rapidly around the Internet and here I cover the video as one of the must watch videos. This dance cover of Jaalma Resham Filili is from Nepalese extreme (NeXt), an entertainment group based in Sydney. Watch the dance cover music video below. Jaalma Resham Filili Movie Dance

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The best Mt. Everest video you have ever seen!


It’s always interesting to explore the videos of the Himalayas and I have shared several videos of the Mt. Everest in the past here at Nepali Blogger. Here’s one of the latest videos of the Himalayas showing Mt Everest and other peaks that’s going viral around the internet. The video hasn’t just captured the magnificent landscape of the Himalayas; it

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Jharana Bajracharya weds Rahul Agrawal


Popular actress, model and former Miss Nepal Jharana Bajracharya wed Rahul Agrawal last Thursday in a ceremony organised at her home in Kathmandu. Rahul Agrawal is a Malaysia based businessman of Indian origin who also happens to be Nepali movies producer. The couple first met during the shoot of Nepali movie Safe Landing and have been in relationship for more

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Shah Rukh Khan arrives in Kathmandu, Nepal

Shah Rukh Khan Visiting Kathmandu Nepal

Popular Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has finally arrived in Kathmandu, Nepal. The superstar is attending an event organised by Nerolac Paints at Hyatt Hotel this evening. He is scheduled to return back to India after this short stay in Nepal today. Shah Rukh Khan landed at Kathmandu’s only international airport this afternoon with his private jet. The actor that

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