Google Adsense Nepal Are you are blogger or simply a blogger user? Now don’t pretend that you don’t know about the online advertising giant “Google Adsense”. After all it should have been your first program you opted to monetize your blog. May be you still using it and making lot of money to get paid monthly but the sad news for Nepali bloggers making money on adsense is that Google Adsesnse has disabled the Western Union Payment. Well, you should have already been notified by the Google if you got the Nepal’s address on your adsense account. Check you mails if you haven’t done that already. It seems I got the mail some days ago, but I didn’t know as I don’t regularly check the mail of the email address associated with the Adsense account regularly.
Anyway found it intresting and thought of sharing to you. The mail basically read,

“We’re sorry to tell you that due to circumstances beyond Google’s control,
we’re unable to offer Western Union as a form of payment in Nepal after
this month. Due to regulatory issues with the central bank in Nepal,
Western Union has decided to disable the Quick Cash service there.”

Of course, everything has problem in Nepal. This issue with central bank may not be that big one, but as a whole it seems lot frustrating.
Wish the issue be resolved soon so that Nepali adsense users get their payment soon and conveniently without the extra charge of 25 dollars (secured delievery).

Have you been in anyway affected by this decision of adsense?


  1. mero pani thiyo ne blog ta, but coudn’t give my address coz i din’t know the place where i live in Kathmandu…beside postal address and zip code was out of my dictionary….

    bad for was my playground..but will take the best renta….

    • @ Rabin Pun, You could have given your kathmandu address along with your house no. Or you could have got a PBO no for yourself by registering at post office, sundhara. (It works that way)

    • @Dil prasad, From my experience i can say that they send it for sure. First you get the pin on your specified address, which will help you know if it actually gets delievered to your home address. And so will the cheque.
      But please make sure you have included your Home no. compulsarily.

  2. Good news for us all….it has been activated again(just it didn’t sent email saying it is activated). You can now change the payment method in your adsense. I just found it today( after ordering checque 🙁 )

  3. Hello dai,,,,Can you give me your billing address please,,,I didn’t get my 1st pin,& do not want to miss the 2nd one..

    • Nabin bro, I live in London at present. So I don’t think my address would help you.

      My advice is try using Post Box service. If you don’t have your own ask help with friends or even your School / college could have one that you can make use of.

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