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Establishing Library in Nepal

Support the Social Cause of Establishing library

Social Cause of Establishing library in Nepal's School needs your help. Supoort the social Cause of Mysansar to establish one library in rural area of Nepal.
Google Adsense Western Union Payment

Adsense Western Union Payment disabled for Nepal

Are you are blogger or simply a blogger user? Now don’t pretend that you don’t know about the online advertising giant “Google Adsense”. After all it should have been your first program you...
Nepal in Sanghai Expo

Nepal’s Pavilion of World Expo 2010 Shanghai

The Nepal Pavilion of World Expo 2010 Shanghai stands out for sure. With its unique blend of presentation, Nepali pavilion has represented the country and culture interestingly.
Nepali Street Singer

Creed of Greed

Yesterday, I heard a kid’s vocal recorded on a cell phone. Ere, I was about to compliment, someone said that the kid was an abandoned destitute making his living singing on tut to compliment,...
Maoists Nepal

Country where bricks are meant to rubble

Gordon Brown resigns in United Kingdom, Barack Obama appoints new chief justice in New England, Cloud of ashes hover over the European skies, Pope, on visit to Portugal accentuates on purity of the church,...

Maoists Strike Day 3 live in Images

Maoists in Nepal went through the day 3rd of their protests. I would term the day third quite funny. For full live Update of Maoists General Strike Day 3 in Nepal please visit Maoists...
Maoists Cadres on Street

Maoists Strike Day 3 – Funny !

Third day of Maoists general strike was pretty interesting in Nepal. Seventy thousands Maoists that have arrived in the valley from several districts of Nepal made the agitation a fun. First they started by...

Maoists General Strike Day 2 Live in Images

Day 2nd of general strike of maoists was kind of celebration in form of poems, songs and dance on the street. Maoists carried out their second day protests singing and dancing in the streets...

Maoists General Strike Day 2

Maoists General Strike Day 2 was mostly peaceful barring a clash between the Maoists and the police at Gongabu in the Kathmandu Valley. Some other places outside the kathmandu vallery also had some of...

Why we have to endure it all again?

We already have apprehensions to get rid of. We have already been awfully struck by several shunts. This freight of tenderness and awe has already been hefty. Please don’t add one.