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SLC Exams Nepal

SLC Exams – My Experience

The number of SLC exam taking students has increased over a span of a year but I really doubt if the exam conditions and post-exam conditions have changed in positive aspects over the years.
Dashrath Stadium (Dashrath Rangashala -2

Dashrath Stadium (Dashrath Rangashala) in Kathmandu

Dashrath Stadium, most popularly known as Dashrath Rangashala in Nepali, is the national stadium of our country (Nepal). It’s situated in Tripureshwor of Kathmandu, Nepal. The Stadium was opened in 1956 and has a...
Kathmandu During Tihar

Festive Kathmandu

Kathmandu is perfectly enjoyable during Tihar. I sometimes wonder what is wrong with Dashain in Kathmandu. I thought Deepawali would be the same in Kathmandu as Dashain was, but contradicting to my expectations, its awesome here in Kathmandu. I am writing all these because this is the first time I have been involved with both Dashain and Deepawali in Kathmandu.
happy dashain

Newfangled Dashain

Dashain is certainly trying to change after this achievement of our country and we too should act responsibly to support the change. I am not talking about the changes in the same Clichéd topics such as slaughtering animals but I definitely want to argue to change in slaughtering animals in name of god. That really sounds superstitious. Moreover, Dashain should be changed that it becomes the festival of every Nepalese people irrespective of Religion.
Nepali Movies Position

Nepali Movie Sansar

Nepali movie industry is trying to expand its horizons. New actors, new directors, new movie formats, and new movies are trying to upgrade the status of Nepali movies. Yes, I am talking about recent...
Indian Idol Prashant Tamang

Live Performances Rock Modern Word

Whether it is American idol, Indian idol, T.V reality shows such as Big brother or any other live performances, millions of people are crazy towards it. Live performances have created a unique identity via several means of Information and communication technologies in this modern world of hi-tech.