Nepal is not honoring Mr Stephen Colbert!

Stephen Colbert not honoring Nepal

Hey Stephen Colbert, however funny you may be with your episodes, Nepal is not honoring you at all seriously. In fact why do you have that respectful word “honored”? Stephen Colbert not honoring NepalYou should be “hated” by all Nepalis now. I know you make fun; “that’s what you do for your living. (Oh yes, I too know you have written some books as well) But hey let’s get to the topic, making fun of others culture, others identity? I didn’t get you there! Doesn’t that suck?

(For this post readers; Meet Mr Stephen Colbert who thinks himself so brilliant to host “The Colbert Report” on Comedy Central recently made fun of Nepali identity and culture in one of his episodes. Watch the videos below)

Check the episode videos on Nepali Blogger Facebook page. (as the videos aren’t made available everywhere, but you can still access from facebook irrespective of your location)

First, Nepali Flag is our identity; the only flag not in the rectangular shape (see the difference!). It’s not that we don’t know the shape of the rectangle but I doubt if you really know that pennon shape. And hey where do you find that “Flags should be only of rectangle shape? I am still trying to figure out why this point became so funny to you and your American audience!

Second, you added KUMARI next to OLSEN TWINS which clearly shows the time you have really invested in researching this! Also shows how literate you are to call other illiterate with this. Your irritation with the surname Shakya will continue forever as it’s only selected from the Shakya clan of the Nepalese Newari community (in case you don’t know).

And does it make sense when you say your country is the holiest land on earth while you making fun of others religious belief? After all you are a Joker (meaning fool), yes that’s what we call you (comedian is a far standard word for you!)

Well, if you take these criticisms as your positive part of popularity, think yourself why you included Nepal? Wasn’t it that popular enough to get your attention? And funny that you say you were pissed by this Small Fragile, Poor and illiterate Country in Chaos.

Time to grow up Mr Stephen Colbert and learn some culture! Get it straight “Our religion and our culture is our pride” and don’t ever dare to make jokes on it.


  1. […] At Nepali Blogger, Pradeep Singh has a very passionate post on Stephen Colbert and his big mouth. The comic made fun of Nepali flag and now Singh is understandably upset. First, Nepali Flag is our identity; the only flag not in the rectangular shape (see the difference!). It’s not that we don’t know the shape of the rectangle but I doubt if you really know that pennon shape. And hey where do you find that “Flags should be only of rectangle shape? I am still trying to figure out why this point became so funny to you and your American audience! […]

  2. Absolutely true but this writing seems much similar to the one that I read in Facebook. I don’t think both the writers are same person.

  3. […] think he’s funny that’s cool – not everyone has the same sense of humor, but please don’t go speaking for all of us Nepalis when you say we all hate him – because I for one, as nepaliketi through and through, love […]

    • OK, With respect to your’s opinion; let me add (“at least me”) along with Nepalis.
      But still I believe there are things that can be made fun of and things that colbert talks about doesnt add humour to me. Like what you say “not everyone has the same sense of humor.”

      • I must admit I agree with Ashik and Nepaliketi. I adore Stephen Colbert and find it incredibly funny when he makes fun of others. ( check the skit he did of the supposed feud between Amitabh Bachhan and Sharukh Khan)

        When it is our turn to be made fun of, we should be big enough to accept it in good humor, because that is what it exactly is. So before you start cussing just calm down and enjoy it. Underneath all the madness he actually makes a lot of sense.

  4. How come whenever we watch shows such as the Colbert report or the Dave Chappelle show or any other type of comedy, we are so silent when other cultures and nations are being made fun of (such as Korea especially during high tensions with North Korea)? Suddenly our nation and culture is being put under the spotlight and we start to get defensive and insinuate that Stephen Colbert’s actions are bad. Does anyone else see the hypocrisy in this? If his humor and reporting was truly wrong, we would of said something before when these other nations were under attack. In addition, his show is on comedy central so that should hint that everything is from a comedic standpoint…

    • Seriously, we should just laugh about this because otherwise you are a hypocrite in every sense of the word. If you’re gonna choose to see something as negative, make sure it’s not only because it affects you, but it affects others. Again, most people are quiet when other races are made fun of but when it comes to their own, that’s when the hypocrites truly stand out. It’s only those that fight for others, as well as themselves, show an honest opinion and not a biased one.

  5. He has no rights in talking about others religions. bullshit..
    colbert motherfucker what do you think that you have a better culture then sucks……
    you motherfucker you have a culture in which there is no any relation between parents and their children….I don’t have any word to say…
    you randi ko chora i will cut your pinus and put it in your mouth if i see you anywhere in america sale…….

  6. I am Nepali and I am laughing at this. We should have a little more heart and more confidence in ourselves. It’s not patriotism to speak against a comedian. Why are we so SENSITIVE? We have a RICH heritage…we are proud of it. If you want to get angry, get angry about our politicians, the loadsheddings, corrupt government officials. Stand up for that..and QUIT getting angry at this useless thing. THIS is our very weakness- for these minor things, we ROAR like a lion but when it comes to REAL problems we cower like a cat. THINK about it…deep down..we Nepalies are STUPID! No wonder we have so many problems- WE PICK THE WRONG BATTLES- GROW SOME BRAINS!!!

    • i appreciate ur comments on those people who only know how to swear without realising they are swearing on behalf of our country. i am wondering, what would be the pride of our country.

    • Yea you are absolutely right … This is Nepalis Major problem that they are very SENSITIVE if they heard anything rubbish spoken by other against their culture they go bananas but they won’t back down mocking other religion… I’m not a foreigner ima Nepali too..all i wanted to say is ignore this shit this is just a Comedy show….if ya really wanna go crazy then go crazy on Nepali Politicians…. These Madhaveh..Prachandae…Ser bahadur muzi….these cunt are scumbags.. they are a complete hypocrite..namean…so Lets work to bring em down and make em ass turnin em nacked

    • Just because we have loadshedding and other logistic issues does that mean anyone can insult our culture and religion ? Should we just ignore such scumbags who goes on national television to malign a culture that has stood the test of time and assault? If you are a nepali you would never have stayed quiet against such a humiliation!! You agree nepalese are stupid and you are certainly one of them to be ignoring such a collosal damage !!

  7. Well you didn’t made anything clear about the high priests stripping-off shajni shakya’s Kumari name tag or any thing from our side you didn’t even studied anything Inside out I guess.. and at some point I can agree with you but come on He is a God Damn Comedian .. and If he Ignited a Rage among us Then that is Good for us … He showed Our status and Place in this planet and among other nations.. have shame on Us !!!!

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  9. Nepal has the history that is many centuries older the Christianity itself..
    That’s called B.C.
    Hinduism discovered language and science. Similarly, Buddhism discovered manners and meaning of life.
    Americans discovered porn, terrorism, racism, obesity and many more.
    btw America itself was discovered by Europeans and is not that long ago.
    There are other 99 reasons why America is the no#1 Hatred Nation in the WORLD.

  10. Will the Nepalese stop taking this seriously, for crying out loud? Yes, he did mock our flag and culture. But, you all are too fucking obstinate to see the reason behind it. When he bashes other nations, none of you guys care whatsoever. Now, he criticizes us for a very good and legitimate reason, everyone loose their fucking mind.
    It's been long time coming for us. I have seen how the Nepali culture is evolving, when I say evolving, I mean deteriorating. The new generation couldn't care less about our real culture. They are all western-wannabes. We obliviously let our culture be influenced by other cultures, specifically western culture. So, my question to you all is why are you all insinuating Colbert as a bad guy because he criticized about Nepali culture, when most of time you don't give a shit about it. By portraying him as a bad guy you are all essentially contradicting yourself.

  11. Whats so good about Colbert defaming our flag and maligning the culture.Can you outline what is good and legitimate reason behind what he said? The culture he is talking abt is Kumari something that Nepalis revere , if you know what i am talking. If you do not, you are illiterate about the nepali civilization and culture that has stood the test of time and assault!

  12. Have you folks ever watched The Colbert Report outside of this episode? If you did, you would know he plays a character on TV. His character is a bible and American loving idiot. That's the point. He makes fun of what stupid people in America would think. That's why we laugh. He and the writers write everything to be in most opposite of what he truly feels, which is why we laugh. Seriously, context.

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