Nepali Search Engine ebuzzasia Coming Soon!

Ebuzz asia Nepali search engine

Some years ago, most of us in the Nepali tech community were introduced with the search engine “Sagoon”. Though I didn’t have a clear idea about the search engine, it was interesting then because of the Nepali Founders. Ebuzz asia Nepali search engineNow another search start-up to hit the news is ebuzzasia, also dubbed as “Nepal’s search engine”. And if so, this will be the first search engine developed especially for Nepal.

The start-up was unveiled for the first time at the ongoing Midas CAN SofTech 2010 in Nepal. Apar thebe, who is behind this search engine thought about it when he didn’t find necessary documents for his studies purposes. He also hopes to launch it commercially by October.

The Ebuzz asia team that includes 14 youths is working on the project estimates nearly three years to come up with a complete version. Although the page seems to be completely in construction, I managed to peek through the blog section which has some two three posts published. One of the Posts says, Ebuzzasia is Next Generation Search technology and indexing system similar to Good Big-table algorithm..

Going back to Sagoon, I don’t think it came up to everyone’s expectation. I don’t understand why use search engines other then Google, Bing, and Yahoo? If Sites are up to the standard and everything goes well, it’s almost sure that they have indexed the content. But yes, when you have a unique approach with your search engine, then it makes sense to go along. Although with a little idea of this search engine, I believe it has a unique concept and approach. See the image below of their search results.

Ebuzzasia Nepali Search Engine

Immediate reaction from me is, if they going to focus digitalizing Nepali content, I think the name “ebuzz asia” they are starting with is not that appealing. Common people, come up with a Nepali Name! Anyway let’s see how they going to develop it and how they are going to come up.

You got any idea or something to share? Let us know in the comments below.


    • Making a copy of exact google is itself chalenging job. if the copy of google was that easy then there must be so many search engiens not few search engines……..

      • We are proud of our boys all we wanna say is this is Nepali Search Engine so CAN U PLEASE DESIGN IT THE OTHER WAY AND NOT THE GOOGLE WAY.

        we can understand how itchy would that be

      • He is right….name is too long….As a fellow web designer I would like to recommend you few things…..please change layout…..your website looks like nice google clone but this would compel vistors to compare that with google in every aspect which is knda hard and even if we do it they(criitics) would still call website a copcat….I also tried making one but lack of server’s resource made me abort my mission……btw here is a tip…..just add music search too…..I have open source search engine source code for music may be you could make it work with minor tweaks.
        I know finding a short domain which makes any sense is like impossible.Try some catchy name of 6 alphabets or less. Don’t ask me for suggestion

        • Ebuzzasia Research Team is hunting a good name. We are facing many problem about name.

          we want, and trying to change the name but we say sorry there is no option. when we will get the name, definitely you will know that…………

    • its because our search engine is at beta phase and will take few more years to be a complete product.
      thanx for your love to ebuzzasia.
      Guys we have brought in a different product which we call pseudo website. its a combination of web directory and website. if you are interested please visit

  1. Major Issue that you guys have to focus on:
    Web portal name: why don’t u go for only
    Apperance: Don’t make other feel u are like google make them feel you are unique with your unique service.
    Content: Improve on the service. You guys should give some aleart message rather than showing whole content if the term is not in ur database. I searched for Wimax there was no term related to Wimax but there was around 6lcas data which were not relevant to my search.
    Hight your core strenght: Let people know what advantage they can get from you do focus on those core strenght.
    Healthy advertisement: Focusing ur core strenght to people who will get benifit of it. Make ur service better and gain their trust.
    Improve ur Service and go for huge marketing and attract people with your service than after that you will get handsome advertisement traffic for your web portal……..

  2. finding your site that challenging google or copying it.. what ever this is not a easy job guys…!! I heartly respect for what have you done and your dreams. May be certain modifications may differ it from google. As we all know almost 99% uses google for its easiness, and genuineness.. In nepal or if you are targeting your site to all over the world may be you guys should make it more than google. I mean if google is like a cheese pizza, make EBUZZASIA a chesse pizza with chicken chops..!!

  3. Its good to see Nepali team making its way to match up on international grounds but i see the same protocol followed and yes why on earth did that ebuzz really mean?
    The attached picture is so much like Google, the title, the description and all those meta tags shown. It so much looks like a Google search page.

    GUYS @ebuzz; you need to work much more on your design and off course can you make public of your algorithm of search.

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