Nepali Celebrities – Nisha Adhikari and Sahana Bajracharya’s tussle with a Media reporter in a public program has urged a raging controversy. Images and videos from an event in what Nisha Adhikari and Sahana Bajracharya seem to brawl with a News reporter has trending discussions on rights and wrongs.

In an event organized to celebrate Nepali movie Loot’s 51 days success, Nisha Adhikari is seen clashing with journalist Anup Bhattarai as he tries to take images of her. Supporting Nisha is another celebrity and media personality herself Sahana Bajracharya who is seen to snatch the camera from Anup’s hand. If someone were to make decisions based on what is seen in the video above, Sahana and Nisha fall on the wrong side.

Nisha Adhikari Clash with Media ReporterBut then there are several versions of this story. Most of what is seen on the web is mostly predicted on basis of the video. has series of articles condemning the act and also has a self explanatory article from Anup Bhattarai on what happened during the event. News Portals like Nagarik News and Online Khabar have written about the incident blaming Nisha Adhikari’s act. However, series of comments elsewhere also support Nisha Adhikari as a female actress being able to stand up against something that she suspected was wrong. Sahana Bajracharya has also come up with allegations of video being falsely edited and interpreted to show bias.

With an intense pressure from other journalists at the event, Nisha Adhikari admitted it was her mistake and apologized to Anup Bhattarai. When asked over by Anup that her friend Sahana should also apologize, she however accused Anup again of touching her inappropriately.

This is not first time any celebrity has done such bad acts against reporters in Nepal. There was news of Reka Thapa shouting on journalists in a press conference of a Bhuwan KC’s latest movie recently.

Celebrities should understand media persons are equally important and most of their image depends on how their work is carried to public via those media people. They should rather learn using them properly for their own benefits. Stunts like this of Nisha Adhikari in public places won’t do any help and would rather act against her image. After all it’s same reporters that are going to carry her negative impressions in press.

Finally, here’s the description of what happened at the event from Anup Bhattarai himself and also do read here explanatory note from Sahana Bajracharya on the incident. Apart from apologizing at the event itself nothing is heard from Nisha Adhikari till now anywhere.

Rights and Wrongs? You decide! Lets us know in the comments below.


  1. well the video uploaded by news24 is edited no doubt. i saw the video through nagariknewsvideo on youtube they havent uploaded the full video. the video just starts before nisha adhikari walks upto the journalist. the video before that point is not shown. celebrities arent the only one who should be decent, disciplined and talk in manner. as we all can see the so called journalist anup bhattarai’s way of talking and behaving with nisha adhikari and sahana was well far from decent and manner.
    Also the so called journalist has no rights to stop nisha adhikari coming down from the stage as she has already said sorry for the act. we can see the mannerless journalist stopping her instead of going upto the mic and asking sahana to say sorry.

    • Agree with you Rikesh. Let the video edited matter kept aside, Nisha Adhikari brawling with a particular reporter looks so weird.I mean there should have been so many other photographers as well. Why should he only have been the one to be targeted?
      So there should be definitely some behind the scenes involved in it! And unless we don’t get it to hear from Nisha Adhikari itself, it will be pretty much hard to predict who’s right or wrong.

      • we already heard nisha saying sorry for what she did and now what are you guys waiting more to hear about it?.. would you say sorry if you don’t feel that you have done some mistake or what ??

        • Dambar, Don’t get me wrong. I was speaking on Nisha’s Side itself in the comment above. I mean she was sorry for what she did but what made her do that is unclear to most of us. And so – “unless we don’t get it to hear from Nisha Adhikari itself,….. “ in the above comment.

      • we already heard nisha saying sorry for what she did त्यो ठिकै xa bT साहना बज्राचार्य लै चाही पड्काउनु पर्ने हो खास मा.. साले कुकुर को बच्चा जस्तो बीच मा आएर जौर्नालिस्ट क्यामेरा
        खोस्न खोज्ने n पत्रकार लै पनि ‘त’ vanera आनादर गर्ने. मुला निशा अधिकारि ले पनि फेरी नभाको Blame लाउने पत्रकार लै !
        फक यु बोथ saaLe kukurnii haru !!

  2. धोतीको जुम्रालाई धोतीमै मार्दा राम्रो होला, दुई कौडीकाहरूलाई धेरै भाउ दिएपछी यस्तै हुन्छ।

  3. Bishwo bro sanga ma sahamat chhu. < dui paisa ko behora chhaina haamra torpe kalakaar sanga. Inlai bhaau nadiyekai thik

  4. OMG!!!! these actress are truly bitches! What a shame! Its camera person’s job and right to capture celebrities’ photos. Yes, the journalist has mistakes. But not as much as the actresses have. The matter was going to settle untill sahana arrived there and showed inhumane behaviour. Why did this sahana bajracharya had to act over smart! निशा could speak फोर herself . the way she snatched the camera from the photograper was way TOOOOOO MUCH.

    though it seems like the photographer had pushed nisha a bit from side, i am not sure. Even if he did, he had to do!! bcoz its very hard to bear such an insult in public. he wanted sahana to to ask for forgiveness and she was just catching sahana’s hand and taking her away. and the way nisha blamed the photograper was a SHIT! stupid brainless women.

    if he had touched her, (okay in her jacket) what about sahana touching the camera man in his hand, while snatching camera. she also has no right to touch male journalist.

    and yes!! I truely hate Sahana bajracharya after seeing her inhumane behavior. she didnt even ask for forgiveness.

    if u see the video clearly, nisha has snatched the mike from the man’s hand while he was talking. what about that?????????? is that a manner? :@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

    • astha usa तिमि एउटा केटि भएर एस्तो कुरा गरेको सुहौन्ना एदी तिमि निशाको ठाउमा भएको भए तिमि के गर्थेउ? एदी तिमीलाई त्यो पत्रकारलाई बारम्बार अनुरोध गर्दा पनि तिम्रो मुखमै camara ल्याएर फोटो खिच्न लागे के गर्छौ? स्किर्ट उचालेर खिच्न dinthau ?सायद तिमि तेही गर्थौ ?you most be a ugly bitch js jelious of her beauty .अनुप bhattaraiko स्टोरी पढ उसैले स्वीकार गरेको छ निशाले यो react अनुपको 3rd attemptma गरेकी हुन् सो पटक पटक अनुरोध गर्दा नि मुखैमा camara जोत्न जाने अनुपलाई म भएको भए कुटेर बरु जेल जान्थे

      • shut up! !! as a celeb you have to coupe with these matters its because you are star that is why they are after you taking pics. if you cannot bare these things why you want to come in show business?? ok if the photograph has done too much with her then jus go with procedure with the manner that a educated one should go. that is not an excuse saying that photograph had done too much. i wold like to say these girls has no manner that is why they don’t deserve to be a star. they are nothing but a piece of shit.

  5. हाहा..औदी हो यो चाही …चर्चित हुनः २ कौडी क [email protected]#[email protected]# के हाद सम्म गर्न सक्छन भन्ने कुरा देखिन्छ यहा ..नाटक पुरै

  6. Never heard Hollywood star or Bollywood star pulling photographers camera…..
    very strange here in Nepal……
    Celeb should have knowledge on how to present themselves on public places…
    and who is this Sahan……

    • oh! you would be surprised what hollywood and bollywood actors have done to journalists, google it dear, you will find plenty of examples. if i was being harassed, i would have punched that journalist. i didnt know about nisha until today, after this i am her fan because she has got some gut to stand up for hersekf. i am telling you this girl is brave and will be remembered.

  7. लामा जी कहिले hollywoodko news हेर्नु हुन्न कि क्या हो ?धेरै चेलेब्रेटी हरुले आफ्नो रिस थाम्न नसकेर यो भन्दा बढी गरेका छन् पत्रकारलाई होस्पिटल नै पुग्ने गरि पिटेका पनि छन् मैले यो भन्न खोजेकी होइन कि निशा सहि छिन् तर केहि हद सम्म पत्रकार महोदय पनि गलत छन् साहना १००% गलत छिन् उनीले माफी मगीनन तर निशाले माफी मागी सकेसी पनि किन एती सरो उनीलाई दोषी देखौना खोजिएको हो मैले बुझिन उनीले कसैलाई हात हालेर दुर्ब्यबहार गरेकी पनि छैनन् माफी मागेर त उनीले झन् एउटा असल मानिस को परिचय दिएकी छन् माफी माग्दैमा कोहि सानो या गलत साबित हुदैन

    • no way u just cannot take the reference from Hollywood who ever they are they are totally wrong. in that way this girl is also totally wrong. cant u see what is she doing as being a star this is really unacceptable. if you look on the side of her fans or viewers; they are educated, they are idol, they are projections for good image. even their photos are so valuable for a fan. so here i would like to ask u what effect, what image and what projection will comes out to the viewers and fans who really are taking them as an idol ??? i hope u got what i m talking about. i want you to accept bad as bad do not try to be protective on this. this is simply a mess and it is unbearable.

      • i look up to her not from her movies but for standing up for herself and taking no crap from journalist. being a journalist doesnt mean that you can hover over people’s personal space and annoy them, especially after they have told him not to take the picture. she is not public property.

  8. i always have pity on market of Nepalese movie; thinking that we have so small market that is why we are not able to travel around the glove; but today seeing this news n videos i found another factor its character. quality of our celebs. oh my god what a same to see this. all the celebs of the country meant to be an idol, projection of manner, that is why we call them a star. these girls whom i have no respect from now on are just a wast, a very big looser. what a crap manner they never can be a star. such a ridicules behavior.

    • they are already a star. you call this ridiculous behavior? she is only human, and a human can take only so much before they snap. FYI she is not making any sex tape for you to question her character. you would idolize some doucebag actor who has multiple wives and cheats on their spouces but you are questioning her character for standing up for herself. i sure dont hope someday some woman you dearly love doesnt have to go through this just because she didnt want her picture taken.

  9. Nisha Adhikari did a wonderful job of condemning that particular journalist.
    I cannot imagine a journalist with a 'Point and Shoot' camera in hand taking a photograph from a very low angle of an actress.
    A decent telephoto lens equipped professional camera would have allowed a distance to be maintained, but I wonder when the 'Professional tools' and 'professionalism' will come to our journalists.

  10. निशा अधिकारि को ठाउँ मा आफ्नो दिदी या बहिनी भएको भए कुरा बुज्थे होला ।

  11. First of all we have to be aware of our country’s movie field.Hardly we have ten present female in this sector. Male dominated media , film sector , and industries….In that party also there we can see almost all being male….Since it was a party,we can guess the journalist was also to be drunk..The video was made carefully but still we can see the journalist pushing on her left arm even after she begged pardon….she might have done so to save herself from the drunken crowd not because confessing her fault. Nish did this tactfully and courageously…Actress Srisha and Khhadka have committed suicide….One should be very tactful to survive such journalists

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