Nepal in BBC World’s Most Dangerous Roads


Well, it’s mostly well known that Nepal has the most dangerous Airport in the world, i.e. the Lukla Airport. But Nepal can’t just be limited to

But Nepal can’t just be limited to dangerous airways; here comes another episode/report from BBC that includes Nepal in the world’s most dangerous roads. It leaves me bit surprised but then having watched it, I think I have yet to explore many parts of my country.

Watch the video and you will know what I wanted to mean! (Watch the Video above till its available. It’s taken from BBC iplayer website)

Worlds Most Dangerous Roads

Here’s the description from the BBC about the dangerous journey attempted by Comedians Rhod Gilbert and Greg Davies exploring the Terai, hills and mountains of Nepal all the way from Nepal’s one end bordering India to the other end bordering China.

Comedians Rhod Gilbert and Greg Davies attempt to drive through the mountainous, landlocked nation of Nepal. Starting from the chaotic border with India, they travel across the country’s most important roads, from highways that maintain its cities to freshly-dug dirt tracks that connect to isolated communities.

There are uplifting stories throughout, but it is a journey that is fraught with danger. Besides having one of the world’s highest rates of road traffic accidents, floods and landslides are an everyday occurrence, blocking traffic for days on end and claiming dozens of lives every month.

After days of swerving overloaded buses, dodging trucks and clinging to crumbling mountain roads, disaster strikes within sight of their final destination.

Here are some Images from the above video!

You can download the episode for future from the BBC iplayer website before it expires

(The content won’t be available from 25 Oct 2011.)

Here’s a glimpse of another similar video if the above content has expired.

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  1. हि Pradeep , how can I watch this if I am in Australia? When I click the lin it ays it is not available in my area.

    • Hello Gill, I can understand the video not being available outside the UK and US. Try using proxy servers based in UK to access the video. OR you could google “how to watch iplayer videos outside UK” to find some tricks that could actually work for you.

  2. BBC have been spot on.Roads have their own ways in Nepal.Its a tough place to drive.Anyone oblivious to the surroundings can not drive.I have always wished Top Gear to go around Nepali roads and try their tricks out there.The Bolivian highway they chose as the dangerous one was very scary indeed but that is like just a second other road/highway in Nepal.This episode was a pleasant surprise.The scenes inside Ktm were well shot too.

  3. I just got back from a week in Nepal. I rode in a car from Chitwan National Park to Kathmandu. It was approximately 5 hours time to travel that distance. What I noticed is if something breaks down, you fix it right where it sits. On the edge of a bluff? Doesn't matter. They pulled a transmission in the mountains, fluid running everywhere and us driving through it while engaging hairpin turns and dizzying heights. Mountains are classified as anything over 5000 meters in height. These are hills. Little kids walking everywhere. Way overloaded buses with people hanging out the door waving at traffic. I seen them list so hard I thought they might turn over. No accidents. I seen sheer drop offs that would panic almost any sane person. No guard rails or nothing in spots. Horns are honked as a means of signaling, not anger. When you attempt to pass a truck, you honk. If he honks back, it's okay, well usually to pass. If you don't hear a horn, a nasty surprise awaits you if you go ahead and try. They blow horns in turns as they are so sharp you can't see around them. And they blow them approaching other vehicles, pedestrians and even livestock. It's a means of communication. And I never seen anyone get angry or make lewd gestures. Passing can happen anywhere and by anyone that has the nerve to do such. My driver was as cool as ice all through the trip as he does it all the time. I on the other hand, was losing my mind as I was not used to the extreme heights, the perilous drops and the amount of traffic all at the same time. But, I did make it safely. I don't know how, I just did.

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