Yet another Powerful Earthquake hits Nepal


While Nepal is yet to recover from one of the most powerful earthquakes that struck just week weeks ago, another strong earthquake has hit the country worsening the situation. The quake was felt this morning at 12:50pm and was initially reported to be of magnitude 7.3, compared with the 7.8 of the 25 April quake. The National Seismological Centre however later confirmed the earthquake to be of 6.8-magnitude with its epicentre on the border between Sindhupalchok and Dolakha districts.

Almost 50 have been dead and thousands have been injured according to the Nepal’s Home Ministry report as of writing. The death toll is feared to rise significantly after approaching the heavily affected areas of Sindhupalchok and Dolakha districts.

People were seen rushing out in the streets following the quake and many of them in Kathmandu are again spending the night outside their home in tents and open spaces.

Other than Kathmandu, the most affected places include Dolakha and Sindhupalchowk districts.

Here are few images shared by the Armed Police Force, Nepal seen immediately involved in the relief efforts after the quake.

Second Earthquake in Nepal 12th May 1

Second Earthquake in Nepal 12th May 2

Second Earthquake in Nepal 12th May 3

Second Earthquake in Nepal 12th May 4

Second Earthquake in Nepal 12th May 5

Second Earthquake in Nepal 12th May 6

Second Earthquake in Nepal 12th May 7

Here’s a map showing the locations and epicenter as compared to the previous earthquake.

Nepal Earthquake Second Map

The earthquake also affected Tibet and some parts of northeastern India, and Bangladesh.

Cover Photo: AP Photo/Bikram Rai, Other Images via Armed Police Force, Nepal


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