Nepali Blogger acquired by Nepal Government!

Simha Durbar Nepal Government Gate

Maoist Leader Krishna Prasad MaharaAfter months of unsuccessful banning of popular websites and blogs in the country, the government has finally decided to lift the ban on blogs in Nepal. And to everyone’s surprise the government has not only lifted the ban on Nepali blogs but also has expressed views on how important blogs could be for source of information in the country. And to emphasize on that, Nepal government is acquiring popular Nepali blog “Nepali Blogger”. The government believes that a community of bloggers could be influential in shaping the way our media works in the country and the acquirement of Nepali Blogger by the government will facilitate Nepali bloggers to keep the community spirit alive and move ahead with developments in the field.

We regret banning blogs which fostered internet censorship in the country. We believe people have rights to access true information and we hope our step of uplifting the ban on blogs and acquiring one of the popular blogs will provide a huge support from the government side” said Mr. Krishna Bahadur Mahara, minister for Information and Communications speaking at a press meet at Reporters’ Club today. Nepal government was hugely criticized in context of restricting blogs previously and oh what a surprising step the government has come up with!

Nepali Bloggers all over the world have welcomed this step of Nepal government and the news has been viral in the Nepali Blogosphere. All major news agencies including Fox News and some popular blogs like mashable have also covered this acquisition of blog by Nepal Government.

Dr. Suresh C. Chalise, Nepal’s Ambassador to the UK also welcomed this step of Nepal Government and made a visit to Nepali Blogger’s HQ located in city of London to discuss further plans in terms of operation.

However the deals are yet to be finalised and will be notified with a press release tomorrow at official website of Ministry of Information and Communications and here at Nepali blogger. Stay tuned! (*See Tags for more Info)

* please note this was just an April fool post.


  1. Congratulations ! Now all ministers and sinisters will publish their own favorable articles. o_0 And others need to bribe ém to get published. The adsense sum will be pocketed by officials. The site will be down 12 hours a day and so on =))

    • Haha Super like your comment!
      and oh yes it will be updated once in six months, hacked several times and remain offline for 22 hours (as the servers will be unavailable during loadsheddings!)

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