Pashupatinath Mandir Visit on Shivaratri Festival Fast tracked!

Pashupati Nath temple in Kathmandu on Shivaratri Festival

If you have been to Pashupatinath Temple on Shivaratri day or have even watched it on your tele you should be familiar with those long queues of devotees around the temple. It would take around two-three hours at anytime on the day to get to the doors of the main temple and such long timing was frustrating to most of the devotees visiting the temple on Shivaratri festival.

More than 500k pilgrims visit the temple every year on the day and their visit experience has always been the main concern. Pashupati Area Development Trust in order to enrich that experience is promising pilgrims that it has made arrangements this year for each pilgrim to complete the temple visit within half an hour.

Pashupati Nath temple in Kathmandu on Shivaratri Festival

MahaShivaratri is one of the biggest festivals of hindu dedicated to Lord Shiva and Pashupatinath Temple being the most sacred temple of Lord Shiva expects large number of pilgrims on the day. It’s estimated that more than 800,000 pilgrims will be visiting the temple Monday on occasion of Shivaratri. The festival also attracts a large number of Pilgrims from neighbouring India and other Hindu parts of the world.

The Pashupati Area Development Trust, responsible temple organizer for the festival has estimated to spend around 4 million in to the festival. It has also made premium tickets available for the festival. Devotees buying a ticket worth Rs 1,000 will be allowed to enter the Pashupati temple via the western gate and the board has made 2,000 of such tickets available. From government’s side, a committee has been formed under the Ministry of Culture to organise Shivaratri successfully.

It’s indeed good to know that the Development Trust board of the temple has made effective arrangements for visitors this year. Hopefully, they will be effectively brought into practice on the day so that every visitor gets to make best of the festival!

Happy Maha Shivaratri!


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