Pramila Rijal disappoints with her olympics 2012 performance

Pramila Rijal

In a yet another Nepali Olympian performance, Nepal literally remained out of track. Pramila Rijal who participated in women’s 100m sprint today failed to impress with her performance. She neither set any national records nor did improve her personal records. Overall it was a complete fail for Pramila who completed 100m distance in 13.33 seconds. Her personal best timing till now is of 12.06 seconds.

Pramila Rijal
Pramila Rijal in Dark Green – Image via BBC

The reason for disappointing performance however, is sad and considerable. Pramila’s bad performance today had more to do with her back pain. Pramila had back problems since three years and the pain had grown severe since last couple of days. She was on painkillers and was undergoing physiotherapy sessions. She participated in the games regardless of her physician’s approval. Pramila didn’t want to miss the opportunity and thus with few pain killers before the game, gave the best effort she could.

Pramila has been advised six-month rest by her doctor Ranjit Baral. Get well soon!


  1. This is such a disgusting article. She has back pain yet you still regard her run of 13.33 seconds a disappointment? What foolish judgement. Well done Pramila Rijal for trying your best and participating in the Olympics!

    • I believe, Winning is the only thing that matters in game!
      I totally understand Pramila Rijal’s situation and in fact appreciate her efforts, But still it was a disappointment for Nepal!!

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