Shahrukh Khan to Visit Kathmandu, Nepal [Video]

Shahrukh Khan to Visit Nepal

Update 9th March: Please visit the latest post about Shah Rukh Khan’s Visit to Nepal.

Be it rumour, it still sounds good. And while the rumour begins getting some authority on web, it makes sense that we talk about it.

Note: This is still a rumour. Video below is some years old already and just added to make some points for the rumour. who knows if it comes true?

Yes, for you if you haven’t heard this by now; Shahrukh Khan is visiting Nepal during the next TAG Heuer Precision Golf Tournament which is to happen at Gokarna forest resort in Kathmandu. Listen from King Khan’s video below. (I love it when he describes Nepal)

Well, not a big deal though! Shahrukh’s not coming to Nepal for any kind of performance. As a Brand Ambassador of TAG Heuer, Shahrukh needs to support the brand in its events like the TAG Heuer Precision Golf Tournament, the TAG Heuer Precision Polo Cup etc and as a part to support the event; Shahrukh will be visiting the country. So Shahrukh in fact is coming Nepal to play some golf and promote the TAG Heuer event here in Gokarna, Kathmandu.Shahrukh Khan to Visit Nepal

Also there are rumours that Priyanka Chopra will also visit Nepal along with Shahrukh Khan. I couldn’t verify that from any source but let’s hope that too is true! It would be splendid to see Bollywood stars visit to the country of Himalayas. (Details on Sharukh’s visit to Nepal when revealed, will possibly tell us if true)

Earlier there were also rumours of another female Bollywood star visiting Nepal. Sonam Kapoor was sought to be planning to visit Nepal as she was actively helping to promote the country’s tourism year by her tweets. Kapoor, who is fan of our world famous designer “Prabal Gurung”, retweeted his tweets related to tourism year and had plans to visit Nepal soon for a quick sightseeing vacation.

Bollywood (NOT India) and Nepal have great relations. Nepalis may hate all Indian aspects but when it comes to Music and Movies (bollywood), their love cannot be out of sight. Oh and how could we forget our own Star in Bollywood? Manisha Koirala, Bollywood Star from Nepal (she has done Nepali Movies as well) has also done successful movies with Shahrukh itself! Bollywood Stars are seen visiting Nepal often for some plain vacations or sometimes even for Movie shootings.

Nepal has been visited by several international stars in the past. The latest one, Bryan Adams Visit to Nepal was highly anticipated, successful (for live performance) and exciting one. Shahrukh Khan isn’t coming to Nepal for any kind of Performance but that doesn’t mean Shahrukh Khan’s visit to Nepal can be underestimated. He has thousands of fan followers in the country and his visit will definitely be a hospitable one!

Let’s be clear here, Shahrukh isn’t coming to Nepal for country’s ongoing Tourism year and so expecting too much of promotions on that aspect would definitely not work. But obviously Shahrukh’s fame to some extent would help spread words about the Tourism Year. We hope big names continue to visit Nepal and make our year really successful. (Yeah, we want Million Tourists to Nepal this year!) So we are excited to see you in Kathmandu Shahrukh!

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  1. I hate India and its policies to Nepal, but love music and movies. Shahrukh is my best Indian actor, happy to hear that he is visiting to Nepal. Well come to KTM……

    • Why can’t we just get along and stop hating each other? I am an Indian and have been to Nepal. Nepal is a beautiful country with great people and I would like to remember it that way. Let’s celebrate the things that unite us..

  2. m definitely gonna learn how to play golf… so that i can take part in the event….. and if possible meet SRK…….. 🙂

  3. To get more info about srk to visit kathmandu please visit my channel
    kumardsney in you tube and look for srk .

  4. Welcome to Nepal…Shahrukh…!!!!!……i would definitely meet you if I was there in Nepal…my bad luck,,,,anyways….have a wonderful time in Kathmandu……SRK.

  5. hey! nobody can guess hw much i m happy . Hope u’ll come in Nepal n give a chance to ur fans to meet u for a while. Waiting 4 u.

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