State Minister of Nepal Speaks at High Level UN Meeting!

Mrs. Dharmashila Chapagai, Nepal State Minister

This is who are leading us?? Poor us! This is how we are represented in the world. Watch the Statement by Mrs. Dharmashila Chapagai, State Minister for Health and Population of Nepal, at the 2011 High Level Meeting on AIDS (New York, 8-10 June 2011).

She delivered this speech at High-level meeting on the comprehensive review of the progress achieved in realizing the Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS and the Political Declaration on HIV/AIDS. This High Level Meeting on AIDS at United Nations in New York was attended by more then three thousand people from all over the world.

BTW who is this Dharmashila Chapagai then? Here’s the interesting story about her.

Dharmashila Chapagain, a member of the Unified Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist (UCPN-Maoist) was elected in the CA in the first past the post system after defeating the NC’s candidate Chakra Prasad Bastola from Jhapa district constituency number 4. Her childhood was a struggle with her father marrying another woman after her mother could not give birth to a son. The daily arguments and tension in the house brought a feeling of rebellion in her.

After Dharmashila got no support from her family to go to school despite her keen interest, she toiled hard on the small piece of land given to her by her father, and saved for books, notebooks and her school fees. She cannot forget working in the fields at night and appearing for School Leaving certificate (SLC) exams in the morning. Despite the lack of support from her family, she was successful in completing her intermediate education. Bold and fearless, Dharmashila is the middle daughter of four sisters. She does not like women being treated any less than men in any aspect. To prove that women are as strong as men in all ways, she also learnt Judo and went on to become a national judo player.

Speechless! What do you say??


  1. सरम को कुरा हो. हे भगवान मन्त्रि पनि कस्ट कस्ता हुन् . कम से कम राम्रो संग बोल्न र उछारण गर्न सक्ने त चाहिन्छा नि बा !!! बरु नेपाली मा बोलेर उल्था गर्ने मान्छे खोजेको भए हुन्छ्यो … हे प्रभु कसले के बुझे होलान. पहिलो पटक मंच मा बोले जस्तो छ …

    • मन्त्रि कस्ट हुन् कि कस्ता हुन्? कि कस्ट कस्ता हुन्? उछारण, हुन्छ्यो यो भनेको चै मैले बुझिन

  2. what a shame i can’t understant a damm thing she is speaking even she doesn’t know what the hell she is talking about. she is worst than first grade kid

        • डमरू जी तिमी धर्मशीला को हिमायाती हो ? नत्र किन तेस्को छन्द न बिछन्दको भाषा सैली लाई सुप्पोर्त गरेको। त त धर्म सिलको धर्म पुत्र त होइनस पक्कै पनि। अकाल म गाह्रो पर्ला नि।

        • डमरू जी तिमी धर्मशीला को हिमायाती हो ? नत्र किन तेस्को छन्द न बिछन्दको भाषा सैली लाई सुप्पोर्त गरेको। त त धर्म सिलको धर्म पुत्र त होइनस पक्कै पनि। अकाल म गाह्रो पर्ला नि। FULANDEVI

      • What an idiot this Damaru is? Who the hell is he and What is he on about? he sounds like mentally disturbed person. perhaps he best get an appointment to visit the mental health doctor….

  3. and talk about the clothes she’re wearing .. talk about wanna-be inferiority complex .. nice sari cholo would’ve been much better.

  4. धर्म सिला जी कसले लेखेको हो यो Speech, कस्तो गार्हो सब्द हरु प्रयोग गरेको है| तेस्लाई जागिर बाट निकालिदिनु अनि अलि पदना सजिलो खालको Speech लेख्ने लै जागिर मा लगाउनु|

    यस्तो ले मन्त्रि भै खाने रे| हे प्रभु क देख्नु पर्यो|

  5. OMG, K saro ho yesto speech. Nepal ko bejaat. Are baba english ramro sanga aaudai na bhane Nepali batai speech diya hunthiya ni. K western country ka manchhe Nepal aauda Nepali bholchhan ra? Ani tesmathi Look at the uniform she wore. K Nepali haru ko aafnai dress chhaina ra. Luga western ko lagauna ani english chahi 1 class ko bacha ko bhanda khatam……… teyo pani state minister of Nepal. Hey bhagwan Nepal ra Nepali haru lai bachau…………… yesto 3rd class mantri haru bata. Ali kati bhayako Nepal ko iijat pani ……………………….

  6. This is the worst humiliation of this kind ever happened in the history of UN meeting. For god sake! what a shame……. our heads bowed lowest ever it can go with embarrassment. YOU KNOW WHAT I THINK FOLKS? THIS IS ULTIMATE THE CONSEQUENCES OF ON-GOING PROBLEMS OF NATA-BAAD, KRIPA-BAAD, AAFANTA-BAAD,ARIWAR-BAAD, PBHANSUN-BAAD ETC in our country. If only a competitive person would have given this her post, her opportunity, I am certain that he/she would have given million times better performance than she did. This is why our country has been pushed almost 500 years backward in comparision to the developed countries.

    • मन्त्रिले बोलेको भन्दा तैंले लेखेको केइ बुझिन मैले!

  7. नानिले IELTS दिन गयें 1.0 पनी नाउला भन्ने डर. अनी अल्ली राम्ररी बोल्ना आउने कोही पनी थिएन की कसो ? फेरी यो कुरा ले बिदेशीले नेपाललाई हेर्ने तरिकामा कती फरक पर्छा भन्ने कुरा बिचार नगर्ने नेपाली नेता हरुलाई माथि पुरौनी अरु कसैको गलती होईन तपाई हामी को नै हो…..

  8. Well, what we expect more from these leaders , we are the one who brought them to the post they are not capable of … well the massage is very clear, either maoist or any other parties, to be a poltical leader there has to be minimum requirement of knowledge and skills to represent or lead the country, They have to send the people in ministry lavel at least who are experienced who can lead the country and keep the prestige and pride of the country in the meeting of international lavel, not those as a emploee……

  9. in our new constitution we need to have a criteria to be a MP and Ministers, at least they should be graduates . ( but i think more then 50% are slc and 30% have not pass 8 grade in current constitution assembly, so they will not put this criteria so guys in later years also we should be ready for such humiliation, it even question marks on education of educated people’s of nepal )

  10. hare bhagwan… nepal ko beijat…
    there are people called as interpreters…

    ramrai bolna najanne manche le kina bolnu parne ho

  11. god!!!!! our minister….what a shame…what on earth u think u doing???? and u r the state minister of nepal.!!!!!!!.hey u all ministers for god sake dnt make urself so shamed.
    afu ta bejjyati vayo vayo des ta ramrai cha ho>>>>> plz daya garera yesto adharma ko kaam nagarideu..kripaya!!!! bachau vayako alikati des ko ijjat lai.ramro manchey chaana.yo ta sansaar kai lagi lajai mardo kura ho..ram ram ram bachau ho..
    shame on you Dharmashila Chapagai so called state minister!!!!!!!
    shame on you!!!!!

  12. dear listeners, that does not matter what kind of background she had in her past. present and the position is always matters in global context. by mentioning her struggling period is just to get sympathy from us. however the world knew that our leader has no capacity to lead the country in the right direction and can not compete with any-other country politically, technically and also by means of education too. ashamed of my country leaders……

  13. ओउर चिल्ड्रेन क्नोव होव तो रिओत इन् द स्त्रीट्स. थे लीर्नेद थिस फ्रोम द Maoists. एवेर्योने सीमस तो क्नोव होव तो स्टार्ट अ रेवोलुशन बुट नो ओने क्नोव्स होव तो गोवेर्ण ओर स्पाक इन् तो द इन्तेर्नतिओनल् चोम्मुनिटी ओनस द रेवोलुशन इस ओवर. इफ वे वान्त तो बे रेस्पेच्तेद इन् द वोर्ल्ड, वे मुस्ट कमे ओउट ओफ द जुन्गले ओनस एंड फोर ऑल.


  14. अंग्रेजीमा बोल्न गाह्रो हुनेले आफ्नै नेपाली भाषामा बोलेको भए के बिग्रने थियो?

  15. stupid idiot dont have any shame better u open ur cloths n throw it away …..what a joke state minister for health this kind of minister what will be the health of nepali people…..better u resign ur post

  16. Please MANTRAYANI JIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII you have to learnt how to speak english.Better you go to PROOD CLASS in night.It is really shameful for country represent of UN. how you reached this post ????????????????????? HAI PRAPHU SHREE PASUPATINATH.

  17. i my God.. what is this? yasto lai kasari select garera yasto hign place pathayeka hun.. yahi hota nepali ko english status.. yo bhanda ta auta Language assistant rakhe hunthyo niii………….

  18. She could have given speech in Nepali. China ra Japan jasto desh ko neta harule ta afnai vasha ma speech dincha ani translater le translate garcha bhane hamro Nepali neta haru le pani garnu sakcha ni. I understand she’s been through tough life n i feel for her but seriously this was a meeting at world stage where everybody was watching her!!!

  19. Who ever wrote comments against her are in deep trouble because:
    1. she is from Maobadi party-they think whatever they say or do is correct.
    2. She is a Natinal Judo Player (not sure)
    3. She is “the minister”
    Last but not least, what we can expect from these sort of politicians. It is not only because her english is poor but also her and Nepali politicians brains are are full of cow dung otherwise she should not …..

  20. who the hell is she ? she is so sick, i think she just came out from jungle… dammmm who sent her in this conference, shame///////

  21. most of nepali leader do politices from jungle ,so need more time for handle the situation…….plz don be a fool ……….

  22. अरे यार नेपाली मा बोलेको भए नेपाल को त इज्जत हुनेथेयो कमसेकम एन्ग्लिश तीन महिने आव्यास गरेको भए एन्ग्लिश केही राम्रो त हुन्ठेओ आरे यार बाच्नु पर्दो रहेछ के के देखीन्छ के के !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. this is how our health minister deliver her speech in front of international UN people. It would be better if she gave her speech in her own language and keep her translator. I would like to request to our health minister not to give her speech again in front of International people until and unless she build up her confidence or keep the translator…..

  24. It is absolutely shocked and disgraceful to hear such english in that sort of high level meeting from the minister. Oh my god! what can I say? Straight forward solution is step down or get another simple job please.

  25. क छ साथी हालखबर i like this google translation tool.. nice widget… the comment just slipped over my head… i could not listen more than 30 seconds of that video.. no comments on her… poor woman, but this should be a learning incident for the rest of us..

  26. मलाई त मन्त्रि ज्यु को स्पीच भन्दा सबै को कमेन्ट पढ्दा बढी हासो उठ्यो है !!

  27. After reading her story , we cann’t expect more than this speech, but the people who sent her there should keep speech translator and make her speak in Nepali than absent speech with present minister, but in Nepal who care of all this………

  28. Do Ministers in Nepal not know that they can have an Interpreter present with them?? I’m sure she would have been way more comfortable and atriculate speaking in Nepali, than her failed attemp at English. We dont need to confine to a certain language to address the U.N.
    Seriously, I wish politicians would get some consulting before they go and make fools of themselves!!!!!

    • yes sir,

      I agree with you. why are these ministers making fool of themselves and making Nepal look like an utter rubbish gov all the while they don’t even represent us at all ?

  29. ओक , शे स्पाक इन एन्ग्लिश नोट इन पेर्फेच्त वह्य नोट ऑल ओफ गिवे हेर अद्विचेद. पल मेदमे दोन’त् स्पाक इन एन्घिश वे गेट प्रोब्लेम. बुट पोपले सयस नोट स्पाक वेल. शे टोल्ड हिस चिल्धूद प्रोब्लेम. व्हत हप्पें इफ शे सयस…… दोन’त् क्रिचितिसे बेचुसे ओने वोमन हवे नोट अन्य स्प्पौर्ट शे डोने वेल.

  30. Who is this uneducated cow representing our country? What a shame for the whole country. We have rickshaw drivers in Thamel (a tourist town in Kathmandu) who can speak better English than this stupid cow. Right now I feeling very ashamed to say that I am from Nepal. STUPID Government of Nepal, you should know better !!!

  31. well i salute this woman fighting for what she believed in and was led to believe in for that matter but I am not sure if that is enough of a cause to let her lead somewhat 22 million poor people of nepal without her proper knowledge.

    She definitely leads an example of a woman who wants to bring change in Nepal but perhaps she should learn that right people should be placed in right position. she had better started her own organisation that nourishes women talent in different ways perhaps with the help of her network within the committee. I am sure her comrades would not dare deny her.

    What a pity though ! Out of thousand educated nepalese female, only she has enough guts to push through and stand up for what she believes in.

    shame to the rest of the women or even men for that matter !

    and no comments to all the rest who is mocking her for bravery !

  32. This really gives a wrong message about our Country Nepal. This simple speech could have been delivered by class 7-8 student very fluently. Govt. Should be very cautious to select the right person in the right place.
    Its really a shameful for Maoist and ruling govt of Nepal.

  33. Dear Sundae, She is appointed by the source and force of Maoist. As I said earlier this simple speech could have been delivered by a student studying in class 7 or 8…..

  34. Sala yesto gwaje haru tah nepal tesaile ta sahayog garne desh haru pani madat garna khojdaina – co nepal is a corrupted in everthing — see the speech itself a corrupt one ..

  35. जे भए पनि अंग्रेजी आउदैन भने किन भासण गर्नु नेपाली मै गर्न पनि मिल्थ्यो होला नि हैन र

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