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ThreadPaints Team startup Nepal

Threadpaints – Online Shopping Startup

Threadpaints is an online shopping startup based in Nepal that provides online clothing for Men and Women. Learn more about the startup on this listing page. About Threadpaints Threadpaints store is not an unheard name in...
Yellow Nepal Nepali Blogger Feature

Yellow Nepal

Yellow Nepal is one the popular startups of Nepal. Co-founded by Anish Shrestha and Manisha Karmacharya, their startup was shortlisted among nine finalists for Google’s international competition ‘Google Business Groups’ (GBG) in 2014. The...
Google Doodle Nepal Republic Day 2016

Google’s Nepal doodle to mark Nepal Republic Day 2016

Google has just updated its Nepali homepage with a doodle to mark the Republic Day 2016 in Nepal. The doodle features Nepal's national bird, the Danphe, or the Himalayan Monal on top of illustrious red-blue...
Kamlari Slave Girls in Nepal

Save Kamlari Slave Girls in Nepal

The plight of kids from Nepal has made international headlines recently with the U.K.’s leading tabloid newspaper revealing how some children are being transported to Britain to work as household slaves or servants. The shocking...
Arpana Shakya for Sanskriti Music

Beautiful Voice of Arpana Shakya for Sanskriti Unplugged

Listen to this beautiful voice of Arpana Shakya covering “Kati Risauchau” for the cover episode of Sanskriti Unplugged. The music video released on the occasion of Valentine’s day is dedicated to all music lovers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmv2v4VQiro Arpana Shakya...
Football Team Nepal win India in South Asian Games 2016

Nepal Celebrates Football Team win 2-1 against India in SA Games

Nepal’s Men Football team victory against India in the ongoing South Asian Games has brought a new excitement for sports enthusiasts back home. The gold medal award for the Nepali under-23 football team has indeed...
Kamal-Thapa-BBC-News Live

Kamal Thapa speaks to BBC World News (Video)

Kamal Thapa has spoken to BBC World News earlier today about the recent devastating earthquake and the ongoing blockade around Indian borders in Nepal. Regarding the recent earthquake and the inability of government in distributing...
Ghantaghar Kathmandu solidarity with Paris 3

Paris to Parsa – Nepal’s Ghanta Ghar in solidarity with Paris

Following the Paris incident, Neon Bodhi, a Nepali artist has illuminated Nepal's Ghanta Ghar in the French tricolour in a gesture of solidarity. Several of the world's most famous buildings showed solidarity with tricolour...
KP Sharma Oli Nepal Prime Minister

KP Sharma Oli – 38th Prime Minister of Nepal

KP Sharma Oli (KP Oli) has been elected as the 38th prime minister of Nepal. Oli has become the first prime minister after the country has released and adopted a new constitution through Constituent...

Proposed States of Nepal [Infographic]

Leaders of political parties have finally agreed to federate the country into total of six states. The decision was agreed by four major parties in the Special Committee of the Constituent Assembly’s Constitutional Political Dialogue...