How Kathmandu is changing over Next Three Years!

Kalanki Chowk in Kathmandu after Three Years

You wouldn’t believe how the face of Kathmandu is changing over next three years, or at least has been proposed to change. Nepal government’s visionary plan of overhauling the capital’s ring road structure has kicked off already and it will be interesting to see fantastic changes in road infrastructure developments of the valley.

Eight lanes with a four-lane carriageway, two-way relief lane, two-way bicycle track and two –way pedestrian path with necessary bus bay, overhead bridge, parking and more; similar to roads of developed international cities in a nutshell.

six lane of ringroad in kathmandu

The first phase of the Kathmandu Ring Road Improvement Project that has started already will work on 9-km Koteshwor-Kalanki stretch of the 27-km Ring Road. You can see the proposed image of the expansion below.

Kalanki underground KathmanduThe project involving Chinese contractor Shanghai Construction Group Company and Department of Roads of Nepal Government has been initiated with financial and technical support of the Chinese Government. A model road of 550 meters will be completed by end of this year (Chaitra) around Ekantakuna-Gwarko section. The controversial overhead pedestrian bridge at Kalanki will be demolished and new pedestrian bridges will be constructed at Satdobato, Ekantakuna and Gwarko. An underground tunnel will also be constructed to connect Kalanki and Swayambhu according to the improvement project.

The total project is estimated to cost more than 5 billion Nepali Rupees and will take around three years, according to the Department of Roads. The funds are based on China’s annual grant assistance to Nepal. China has been providing an annual grant assistance of 200 million yuan (Rs 2.6b) to Nepal, raising the amount by one-third of the existing assistance under the technical and economic cooperation after the visit of Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao last year.

Kathmandu’s Ringroad was built in 1970s with assistance from Chinese Government itself and it’s indeed good to see the government (chinese) undertaking this visionary improvement project to transform Kathmandu!

Do you think all this proposed plan is possible in next three years? How optimistic are you??


    • This is going to build by assitance of Chinese Government so I hope it will be finished by that time.

  1. one should always be optimistic towards the success of such developmental plans.Optimism ain't gonna cost u nothing .All the same its possible to achieve the target within 3 years provided the government(actually the virtual gov.) start the work with no delay.i am always positive for my country.
    I still don't understand why are the plans of greenery on the edges of pavement and as well as on the middle strip get confined to papers and remain on the dark side. But one thing is for sure,whether on a football ground or dev.projects Nepalese are never a good finisher. We lack the concept of beautifying something that we make or create.So lets just not make something for the sake of making it.If you serve anything ,serve it in an adorable fashion.

  2. Not possible! Its already happening dude. I live in Balkumari, Koteshwor and they have already started the construction work. I can’t tell about the entire Ring Road but Koteshwor-Kalanki 27 km stretch will definitely be made within the next 5 years (they say 3 years, but its Nepal so..)

    • nepali ra nepal ko neto haru le kamm garne batabaran banaulan jasto lagdaina…….kahi na bha hadighpte nepal mai 6an….

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