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Miss UK Nepal – the annual beauty pageant of Nepali community in the UK is only ten days away and as the selected contestants are now being groomed for the finale, Nepali Blogger seeks your vote for the official title of Miss Photogenic and Public Choice. The winner with

The winner with the highest number of votes (your recommendations) will be awarded with the title of Miss Photogenic /Public Choice at the finale of the event taking place on 9th of September at Samuel Cody Specialist Sports Collage in Farnborough, UK.

Here are the ten finalists for the event that are competing for the title of Miss UK Nepal 2012. So who are you voting for Miss UK Nepal 2012? Click on the

Click on the Recommend button below respective profile pic to recommend for Miss UK Nepal’s Photogenic /Public Choice title. Click on the profile image to view the full profile of the participants.

Update: The voting has been now closed. You can still see the contestants profile below.

Contestant No 1 : Durga Gurung

Durga Gurung Miss UK Nepal 1
Contestant No 1


Contestant No 2 :Rosy Oli

Rosy Oli Miss UK Nepal 2
Contestant No 2

Contestant No 3 : Tina Purja

Tina Purja Miss UK Nepal 3
Contestant No 3


Contestant No 4 : Parika Ale

Parika Ale Miss UK Nepal 4
Contestant No 4


Contestant No 5 : Pushpa Sunuwar

Pushpa Sunwar Miss UK Nepal 5
Contestant No 5


Contestant No 6 : Ashika Rai

Ashika Rai Miss UK Nepal 6
Contestant No 6


Contestant No 7 : Namrata Pun

Namrata Pun Miss UK Nepal 7
Contestant No 7


Contestant No 8 : Muna Shrestha

Muna Shrestha Miss UK Nepal 8
Contestant No 8


Contestant No 9 : Masna Gurung

Masna Gurung Miss UK Nepal 9
Contestant No 9


Contestant No 10 :Nayan Gurung

Nayan Gurung Miss UK Nepal 10
Contestant No 10

Miss UK Nepal 2012 is in its third year of the journey. The beauty pageant mainly targets young Nepali girls (aged 16-24) living across the UK.

The pageant has already given us few excellent beauty queens like Gaumaya Gurung (Miss UK Nepal 2011) and Nabina Gurung (Miss UK Nepal 2012) here in the UK. Miss UK Nepal aims to provide a platform for young talented girls to discover and showcase their hidden potential.

Miss UK Nepal aims to provide a platform for young talented girls to discover and showcase their hidden potential. According to the organisers, Events and Ideas UK, the pageant also plays an important role in promoting Cultural heritage, celebrating unity and rewarding beauty, talent and intelligence.

What do you say about Miss UK Nepal beauty pageant? Who do you think will win the main title? – Your comments, please!

Disclaimer: Nepali Blogger is the official Media Partner for the event and the Official Website of Miss UK Nepal is from the Nepali Blogger Network.


  1. dont u people have anything except competiting for beauty.u r provided wth that.there is nth to show off…y dont u realise that u can use your time and money for poors….those who are enlisted here definately are wealthy ones….y dont u study in universities abroad ..and bring the technology to Nepal…….y dont u dream higher……y dont u show some real beautiness for humanity. mankind and country…just dont expose ur boobs.every lady holds a pair..and u feel proud to show them……shame …shame
    and a suggestion ..only if allowed.. is for our blogger……..do u really think dat wat u r blogging is going to make a change……do u believe dat these 5 ft 5 inches will get a chance to walk in ramps of Milan….. i see no chances……and if they did so too…wat our society gets in return.wat will be our final achievement… i see nth again….if there is anything …show me……brother u can write some creative thing….or copy some good stuffs and feed the readers……dat at least makes a change …..

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