Amar Bahadur Bam – A Nepali on Dubai Death Row

Amar Bahadur Bam - Nepali in Dubai death Penalty
Amar Bahadur Bam. Image via Save Amar Campaign.
Amar Bahadur Bam - Nepali in Dubai death Penalty
Amar Bahadur Bam. Image via Save Amar Campaign.

Amar Bahadur Bam, a Nepali, is in Dubai death row. He was convicted and sentenced to death in 2003, along with three Indian nationals-Karansingh Mansingh, 30, Manoj Mudanna Kotian, 32, and Vimal Kumar Ram, 26, in the well publicized Sharad Shetty murder trial.
Shetty, an Indian businessman based in Dubai, was an aide of notorious gangster Dawood Ibrahim. Ibrahim became household name after organizing 1993 Mumbai bombings. Mr. Mansingh, Mr. Kotian and Mr. Ram are believed to be from Chotan Rajan-Ibrahim’s staunch rival’s gang.

According to Arab News (16 October, 2003),

Investigations by the prosecution proved that Vimal had helped Karansingh, Manoj and Amar arrive in Dubai by issuing them three visas. He was said to have armed them with 0.38 pistols and trained the three men on using the pistols in a shooting club until they excelled at marksmanship. Meanwhile, he also helped gain three memberships for Karansingh, Manoj and Amar in the Indian club, the venue of the murder. The victim was a member of the club and a frequent visitor.
Vimal was said to have helped the three suspects study Sharad’s movements and timings, before providing them with the hit-and-run plan.

However, Mr. Bam has pleaded his innocence time and again. He has said that he did not know about the murder or the plan to murder. He was recruited in India to work as a driver in Dubai and had no knowledge that his employers had criminal intentions.

When men from his village visited him in at the prison, Mr Bam accused the Dubai police of using torture to make him confess to the crime. He also complained that language barrier (he does not speak or understand English or Arabic) prevented him from understanding the case and charges against him.

Dubai prosecutors also summarily ignored written statements from Mr. Mansingh and Mr. Kotian that Amar Bahadur did not participate in the murder or in planning the murder; he drove the gateway car without knowing about the crime.
Mr Bam’s elderly father and wife pleaded for his safe return at a press meet last week in Kathmandu. Dhanisha Devi, Mr.Bam’s wife, had to mortgage her jewellery to pay for the trip.

According to Republica,

Dhanisha, along with her father-in-law Karna Bahadur Bam, met President Yadav and Prime Minister Bhattarai separately and asked both of them to save her husband´s life at any cost.

“Think of me as your own daughter or sister and save me from being widowed,” Dhanisha told Prime Minister Bhattarai. She made the same plea with President Yadav as well. Both the president and the PM assured her that they would do their best to save Amar.

After meeting the president and the prime minister, Amar´s 64 years old father Karna Bahadur, said, “I am very hopeful now.

Baburam Bhattarai listening to Amar Bahadur Bam's Wife
Amar Bahadur Bam's Wife Meeting with Nepal's PM Baburam Bhattari

Along with the political establishment, human rights community and number of non resident Nepali organizations have extended their support to Mr. Bam’s family. Citizen journalists are posting regular updates at Meroreport and a petition at has already gathered 366 signatures.

It is now time for the Nepal government to discuss this issue formally with Dubai authorities and ask them to re-examine Mr. Bam’s case.


  1. भाषाको समस्याले कतिपय आफ्नो निर्दोषपनको सफाई दिन नसक्दा कुनैपनि मुद्दा गम्भिर हुन जान्छ र अनि मृत्युको भागीदार हुन पर्छ! अमर बहादुर बोमको यो मुद्दालाई पुन: गम्भिरताले परिक्षण गरिनु पर्छ! निर्दोष ब्याक्तिको मृत्यु सजाय हुन अन्याय हो र सरकारले यस बिसयमा गम्भीर चासो दिनु पर्छ र साथै संघ सस्थाको पहल पनि हुन जरुरि छ!
    अरू दोषी पक्राउले यो साबित गरेको छ कि अमर बहादुर बोम यो हत्या योजनामा निर्दोस र संलनता नरहेको कुरा बताएको छ! पुन: मुद्दालाई बिचार गर्नु पर्ने देखिन्छ !

  2. We need to save him at any cost. In my opinion, we can reach to some conclusion with bilateral talk between two countries. Our government must take necessary steps to save an innocent who has been under mental and physical stress for quiet a long time. On the humanitarian ground I personally implore all to come together with unified strength and raise voice against.
    such inhuman justice to a foreigner. I think my prayer to all will not go unanswered and life of an innocent is saved. Jai Nepal Ama.

  3. with my own experience in Gulf country and its laws,Its very hard for the workers like us to prove innocent till the time we dont have someone to look after us.Nepal embassy should be active and should know their duties on abroad.Government is paying them fat amount of money to look after the citizens of Nepal.I was begging for help with embassy but they turned their back,fortunately I saved my life but its been a long time that Mr.Bam is in trouble and our political leaders are just looking at each others face and are giving the fake sympathy to their his families.They are not going to do anything,Its us to help him to bring back to Nepal and to save him from death penalty row.If we stupid people can raise money for Prasant Tamang to win music show,then why not for Mr.Bam? lets think about it…Jai Nepal

  4. What is the current development about Amar Bdr. Bam? has any further action been taken? we are eagerly waiting for the reaction after a petition was sent to the higher authorities of Dubai stating the innocence of Amar Bdr. Bam and to pardon him from the capital punishment. We know that Amar is helpless out there on a strange land. Moreover, one can realize to what extent of physicall and mental strain and stress Amar Bdr. bam has so far suffered. This is the time when all Nepali must be united together to save a "Son of Nepal". We must to our utmost before it is to late. We have lost 12 sons of Nepal already in Iraq few years back due to our negligence. But now time has come to for us to to learn a lesson from all those past incidents.
    I, implore all Nepali to come forward to save an innocent from the noose of the death. JAI NEPAL AMA.

  5. बिबसता भनौ कि के भनौ ? हाम्रो नेपालको एउटा छोरा विदेशमा मृत्युको मुखेन्जी बिबस, निरिह भएर जीवनको भिख मागिरहेछ l मृत्युको पासो कहिले घांटीमा लाग्ने हो ? घर परिवारको कति याद आउँदो हो ?

    एक्लो, विवस, असहाई भएर बिदेशमा मृत्युलाइ पर्खी आँसुको धारा बगौदै बसिरेको छ नेपालको एउटा छोरा अमर बहादुर बम l

    के हामी नेपाली भएर मानवताको नाममा अमरलाइ बचाउन केहि गर्न सक्दैनौ ? भनाइ छ ” एक थुकी सुकी, हजार थुकी नदी” हामी सबै नेपालीहरुले एक बुलन्द आवाज उठाउनु पर्ने समय आएको छ l नत्र भने बिदेशमा हाम्रा सन्ततिहरु यसरीनै कानूनको पन्जामा परेर अकाल मृत्युको मुखमा पर्ने छ l मलाई खाने बाघले तलाई पनि खान्छ भन्ने उक्तिलाइ आत्मासात गरेर हामी एक हुनु पर्छ l हाम्रा लाखौ युवाहरु बिदेशमा आफ्नो जीविकाको निम्ति कार्यरत छन्, भोलि उनीहरुलाई यस्तै कालचक्रले परिबन्धमा पार्दैन भन्न सकिन्न l आउनु हवास फेरी एकपल्ट नेपालीहरुको एकता अनि बिरतालाइ संसारमा उजागर गरेर देखाऊ ताकी भोलि गएर कसैले हाम्रो सन्ततिहरु माथि यस्तो अन्याय गर्ने साहस नगरोस l

    हामी नेपाली हाम्रो नेपाल

    जय नेपाल आमा

  6. What are we doing for those Nepali who have been entrapped under different nature of legal prosecution in other countries? Some of them are waiting for the last day of their life and some are getting rotten behind the bar. We are wide aware that our government is too weak to deal with these sort of situations. Due to the negligence and silence of the government our innocent Nepali sons were killed in Iraq a couple years back. How far we should tolerate this kind of injustice? Are these events just the topics to talk about? and let the innocents Nepali left in the hands of fate on the strange land of injustice? we have not given a thought to justify the matters of this nature which are quiet frequent these days. We hear the cases from other counties quiet often that innocent Nepali are being victimized, mentally, physically tormented and some of them have already been sentenced to death on the ground of fabricated charges. Such news would come across and make us alert for sometime but becomes stale after few days. No voice no any action against such injustice has so far been taken from our side. How far should we stay dumbfounded like a helpless lamb against inhuman practice? I, therefore, implore everyone to come together with unified strength and establish a "Panel of Legal Experts" to deal with the genuine international cases of the Nepali to save life from the pang of death and rescue the innocents from the cruel hands of brutes.

  7. Its really sad to know about it. I would like to extend my heart full of sympathy and best wishes to Mr. Bam and his family to over come this tragedy. May God protect him and let him come back safely. Have faith in God….

  8. प्ल्ज़ हेल्प हिम Nepali गोवार्मेंट अमर Bhadur बम फोर

  9. I am also ready to help him morally, physically or financially. I am in dubai now and can do anything for him what ever is possible from my side. my dubai contact number is: 0555520580.

  10. Auta dukad lagdo samachar ho ki bhasa ko problem me yards pani afu nirdos huda hudai pani akal ma jyan gumaunu pareko 6 pls all Nepali wake up n save him and I mostly request to our govt to be interested in this case

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