First Nepali Bloggers Meetup in Kathmandu

Nepali Bloggers in kathamandu

All the independent bloggers of Nepal were assembled to meet each other, share opinions and discuss further plans in November 4, 2010 at Capital FM, Thapagaun, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Several Nepali online Blogger meet ups were organised before but this exclusive met up took place nearly after about 3 years.

Nepali Bloggers in kathamandu

Altogether the event saw the presence of 20 bloggers. The informal event started from 4:30 PM and lasted for about half an hour up to 5:00 PM.

The main issues raised in the discussion session were basically about main stream medias and bloggers, how to integrate different bloggers and medias, how to deliver the best in us through our blogs, and the importance of blogging.

The meet up ended with the declaration of conduction next stronger event in December 10, 2010 A.D.

Sabin Gnawali represented Nepali Blogger at the Bloggers Meetup. 

By Sabin Gnawali
Author is an A-level graduate from Kathmandu, Nepal. He loves writing and has won amy awards in different competitions; the most recent one is the winner of Cambridge University’s essay writing competition on the ocassion of its 150th anniversary.


  1. Hi Nepali blogger team,
    This is Narayan Kunwar from Bangalore (India)
    Most Respectfully , I would like to know the process to convert the preeti font to nepali unicode then publish it in website .
    Plz inform me all the steps which would give me a success!
    I would be highly gratefull
    with warm Regards
    Narayan Kunwar

  2. Dear Pradeep & Nepaliblogger team:

    It is a fantastic blog which remained hidden from my eyes for all these times. It is a great blog and I wonder if a single person is behind it or a group, as only Pradeep’s name comes up in every blog. Anyway, thumps up.

    I want a favour from you. I own a nepali language blog, and I want to enable “google transliteration” for commenters to comment in nepali. I was using this tutorial to get it,

    But , I could not get through the “Adding HTML code” section as the blogger shows error everytime I tried to include that between the described widget codes. I am just copy pasting so I don’t think I did any mistake. I know lil bit of html and css, so it’s funny that blogger is showing error. Can you help?

    • Dear Sujan,
      Thanks for your appreciation. It means a lot to us.
      Yes, for now its like a one man army although i have plans to make it a multi author blog or more as a community blog. But of course you know how difficult is that and the time it takes. However, i have some contributors and hope that number goes on increasing.
      And as for the “google transliteration” feature in comments, try working out yourself instead of following that tutorial. As you already know some html, go through the blogger template tags and you will figure out doing it yourself easily. (blogger tutorials dont easily work on different customized templates)
      If you still want the feature and cant do it yourself, you could provide me the access to your blog via email and i can do it for you.
      Best of luck.

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